I have really low celebrity standards. My biggest celeb crushes have always been on not-so-big stars. Even my "Celebrity 5" list (you know, the one from that episode of "Friends" where couples gets to pick five celebrities they're allowed to sleep with if they ever meet them) is mostly made up of B-Listers.  (Except for Christian Bale, but I developed my crush on him way back during Newsies and American Psycho -- is that messed up? -- long before his ridiculous Batman voice catapulted him to the A-List.  Also, any girl who says she wouldn't bone Christian Bale is lying to you.)

So, it's rather fitting that I have a crush on this minor-celebrity/blogger/comedian/This-American-Life-guest-contributor/Brooklynite named Gabriel Delahaye.  His hilarious blog is now defunct, but it was around long enough to feature this awesome sketch:

(Did you guys notice the cameo by Jenny Slate, who just joined the cast of SNL? You may recognize her from the "Turded Allll in My Ski Pants" entry earlier this year.  Because you read my blog religiously, I know you do.)

Inspired by Gabe and Max's use of awkward, deadpan technology advertising, my friend Emily Loeb and I created some tribute videos. Today, in honor of Em's birthday,  I thought I'd post our versions on the blog, too. These were filmed in Brooklyn (keepin' it real) on New Years Day 2008, entirely improvised, and unedited (because we don't know how to edit things). Enjoy:

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ooh and another good "My 5" episode is in Entourage, where Vince has a run-in with a girl who has listed him in her 5. Not sure if he's wearing the AD/HD shirt in that one or not :)


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