Say "What" Again, I Dare You

In honor of being officially certified as morally fit to take the Bar exam, I am sharing some delightfully profane links with you all.

First, an article from The Onion on the Supreme Court's newest free speech ruling: Supreme Court Upholds Freedom Of Speech In Obscenity-Filled Ruling.

It seems Justice Stevens is going to use the last days of his 35-year career as a Supreme Court Justice to take an unwavering stand on important First Amendment issues.  In response to counsel's argument that offensive speech should be restricted, 90-year-old Stevens "made a repeated up-and-down hand motion intended to simulate masturbation."  Even Scalia couldn't have said it better.

Scalia tried, though, in one of his famously scathing dissents.  On the practical ramifications of untamed, unregulated speech, Scalia wrote,
"'...such an expansion of free expression becomes far too unwieldy and large to accommodate.'  To which Justice Ginsberg immediately replied, 'Yeah, that's what his mom said.'"
Booyah, douche-nozzles.

My second profane link is the following chart of Quentin Tarantino movies. It's the most relevant, accurate summary of his oeuvre I've ever seen.  (If it's too small to read, just click the image and you'll see it full-sized.)

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