"I'd Ask My Secretary to Do It, But She's Dead"- Don Draper

With "Mad Men's" fourth and best season newly over, and an astonishingly tall, handsome man on my arm, I really didn't even have a choice about my Halloween costume.  Obviously my boyfriend was Don Draper.  Obviously I was Betty Draper.  Obviously I was pregnant, because how many times in your life do you get to drink and smoke in a bar while pregnant without being judged?  (I don't know, depends on how many kids you have.  Zing!)

I rarely post personal photos on the blog, but this T.V.-themed adventure was worth putting up.  It's also a good lead-in to a belated discussion of the finale and the fourth season.

Previously on the blog, I referenced Vulture's review of "Mad Men's" transcendent Season 4 episode, "The Suitcase." Vulture is always eloquent and usually astute, but there were parts of Vulture's conclusions about "The Suitcase" that I disagreed with.  Not so with their review of the finale, which I thought was dead on.  So if you're missing "Mad Men," read the review, let me know what you think of it, and look at my hot Halloween pics.  Don't lie, I know you're already downloading them to your hard drive, you creeps.

With Halloween over and "Mad Men" on hiatus until next season, what's a girl to do?  Oh that's right, AMC, who seems poised to never ever let me down, premieres a new Sunday night show tonight called "The Walking Dead".  Is it:
  • in Mad Men's time slot? Check. 
  • about Zombies? Check. 
  • filmed in ATLANTA (where I live)? Check.
  • "series recorded" on my DVR? Check!
See you guys Tuesday! 
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    October 25, 2011 at 9:56 PM delete

    You look awesome as a Betty-Monster with a Draper in the oven. And my favorite season 4 quote was "I'd ask my secretary to do it, but she's dead."

    BTW, did you end up watching "The Walking Dead"?


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