Not Quite Sinatra, But it Does Involve Witchcraft...

My friend Ben Sheehan, whom you might remember from his "Global Warming's Good for You" and "I'll Be Watching You (Miss You Coco)" videos on the blog, has done it again.  By "it,"  I mean made a surprisingly high-quality homemade music video featured this week on Funny Or Die.  This time Ben tackles Christine O'Donnell, the Tea Party-backed candidate from Delaware who beat out former Governor and nine-term incumbent Mike Castle for the Republican nomination to Congress.

O'Donnell appeared more that 20 times on "Politically Incorrect" back in the 90s, but apparently has refused to make an appearance on Bill Maher's new show "Real Time."  In retaliation, Maher has made good on his promise to show an O'Donnell clip every week until the midterm elections.  And let me tell you, these clips definitely belong under the title "Politically Incorrect."

First, there's O'Donnell saying that Evolution is a myth (because if it were true, "why aren't monkeys still evolving into humans?").  There's O'Donnell admitting she "dabbled in witchcraft" (perfect imagery for an election two days after Halloween, right?). And of course, there's the amazing '90s MTV spot where O'Donnell, looking like a "Party of Five" cast member, campaigns against masturbation: 

Are these really the candidates that the Tea Party has won for Right-leaning America?  Extremist Evangelicals who eschew libertarian principles in favor of Puritanical sexual mores and scientific ignorance?  Really?  With so much open dissatisfaction toward Obama and the Democratic Congress, why does the Right feel like now's the time to jump off the deep end of religion and abortion and make themselves look like uneducated hillbillies who are going to pray on the budget crisis instead of solving it?

What's so unfortunate is that O'Donnell's crazy takes away from some of her more palatable viewpoints. Her stance on taxes, illegal immigration, and health care all speak to core libertarian policies. But instead of a leader who champions small businesses and small government, Delaware Republicans have picked a crackpot wannabe-Palin who wants people to stop having sex.  And there's no one who should be more offended by this choice than those of us who are Republicans because we hate taxes, but not because we hate gays or science or sex.

Now that I've ranted on this, I'll give you Ben's more humorous take on the subject.  Ben's video, in his sugary-pop-coated satirical way, makes all these points about O'Donnell.  But in his comedian way, Ben makes it much funnier than I just did.  Enjoy:

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October 15, 2010 at 9:01 AM delete

It really frightens me. Because I am not of the "they are too extreme to win a mainstream election" camp. I am not that confident. 'mericans vote with their gut, not their mind grapes.

Alison Lee
October 26, 2010 at 7:57 PM delete

You know what happens when you stomp mind grapes? Mind wine....mmmmmmm


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