Thanksgiving! (Ft. Patrick Bateman)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've spent a good portion of this Thanksgiving afternoon sick as a dog, lying in my aunt and uncle's guest bed in Mississippi watching Godfather II on AMC.  (God, AMC should really pay me for how much I plug their channel.) In my sinus-infection stupor, I found this awesome thing to read.  It's a complete retelling of Jack Kerouac's On the Road, updated for bro's, perfectly titled, On the Bro'd.  And it is balls-to-the-wall clutch, player.  Read it here.

When I'm sick I try to watch some of my favorite feel-good movies, which for me usually starts with my DVD of American Psycho. (It makes me happy.  Look, I never claimed I was normal.)  So, many thanks to my friend Ben Sheehan for sending me this bite-sized homage to Patrick Bateman and David Byrne, wrapped up in a good-looking 80s parody package.  I feel better already:

And finally, for those of you in an out-of-town turkey coma looking for some internet downtime, here's a short list of time-wasting websites that should take you through tomorrow:
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