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This week's See You Next Tuesday is:

The Golden Globes

Awarded each year by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), the Golden Globes "hardly seem to mind their codified status as Oscar night's big fat rehearsal dinner."  But this year, the Globe nominees diverge notably from predicted Oscar darlings, and include some surprises that are even more outlandish and objectionable than usual.  And I'm not the only one who thinks so (Vanity Fair does too). Go here for the full list.

It's no "Chicago."
The Globes have always been too glutinous and too inclusive to be taken too seriously.  HFPA gorges itself with nominees, making a Globe one step up from a paper plate attendance award.  And they've always been a little off-kilter, often throwing award bones to critical underdogs.  This formula works best when Globe nominees are box-office giants with broad popular appeal that probably won't hear any Oscar buzz (pat on the back for the Globes' inclusion of Emma Stone's Easy A performance this year).  But the Globes backfire when they include movies that no one liked – triple nominations for the lukewarm, critically-panned The Tourist – and movies that no one saw – the so-bad-it's-good-then-bad-again Burlesque (or as I like to call it, Showgirls 2).

On top of those bizarre inclusions, there are some even more egregious exclusions from the list.  Amid predictable nominations for The Social Network, The King's Speech, and The Fighter, Leonardo was ignored for Inception, Justin Timberlake ignored for The Social Network, and Danny Boyle totally forgotten for his direction of James Franco's one man tour de force, 127 Hours.  (Franco himself scored a best actor nom.)

True Grit
But most outrageously and incomprehensibly, the Globes make no mention of the Coen Brothers' True Grit remake, a surefire Oscar contender. With A-list names like Damon, Brolin, and Bridges rounding out the Coen's perfect cast, and much-lauded cinematographer Roger Deakins at the helm, True Grit's total Globe omission it is tantamount to a HFPA slap in the face.

What can we take away from all this?  First, that the HFPA has huge collective crush on Johnny Depp (nominated for both The Tourist and Alice in Wonderland, or as I like to call it Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2). 

HFPA + Depp 4eva
Second, the omission of True Grit may be more proof that the HFPA hate Westerns.  In 2007, the Coen's No Country for Old Men AND Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood inexplicably lost to ATONEMENT for the Best Drama Golden Globe. (No Country went on to win the Oscar for Best Picture.)  Entertainment Weekly posited, "[w]ith journalists representing countries as varied as Chile, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, the Netherlands, and South Africa, it could be argued that something as quintessentially American as the Western genre could be a hard sell for the HFPA." And how sublimely, awesomely American is it to blame middle-eastern foreigners for ruining everything?

Certainly reasonable, tasteful people can disagree about who should be lauded during awards season.  But the Globes, by completely ignoring True Grit while praising laughable fare like The Tourist and Burlesque, definitely destroyed a chunk of their credibility.  If the Globes want to consciously avoid Oscar overlap, they could at least have the decency to be creative about it, and not just throw gold statues at Johnny Depp.
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Hm. Perhaps the joke is over my head, but I don't think that's Jeff Bridges.


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