But If I Hear One More Samuel Clemens Joke....

In November of last year, Tina Fey was awarded the prestigious Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for Humor.  I caught it's re-airing last week in a rare, accidental channel scroll past PBS because I just moved and I'd already packed up my cable box and I had to manually surf regular network television like I live in 1976 or something.

Tina was the 13th recipient of the prize, but we won't let bad omens get to us.  She was also only the third woman to be recognized, but that's not shocking because a) Mark Twain was as sexist as he was racist, and b) everyone knows girls just aren't that funny.

The whole event was a who's who of current SNL cast members, which was just fine by me because I fantasize about the green room at NBC the way most girls fantasize about the break room at Seattle Grace.  Since PBS loves to give away programming for free, you can watch the entire event here.

Anyway, watching this tribute made me think back on some of my favorite Tina Fey moments, specifically during her award-winning NBC sitcom, 30 Rock.  I relish any comparison to Tina, but the best indication of our kindred spirits occurred during a 30 Rock montage where Tina's character, Liz Lemon, goes out on the town.  The following two clips are the best approximation I've ever seen of what I'm like in the dating world.  Except I'd probably have a side ponytail by the end of it.  Enjoy:

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