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Dax Flame is a spastic young high school kid with a YouTube Channel.  His bizarre, awkwardly hilarious videos have provoked somewhat of an internet cult following.  His extreme mannerisms, unidentifiable accent, and ridiculous antics have prompted accusations that Dax Flame is just a character created by an actor, and not a real kid.  Personally, out of a deep empathy for the poor guy, I hope that he really is just an actor, because I want to believe that no one could be quite has hopelessly, pathetically incompetent as Dax Flame appears to be. 

Either way, Dax's series of videos are absolutely hilarious, and I suggest you watch some of them under the guise of Dax being a real boy.  I'll post a few here, but if you open them in YouTube you'll have access to a lot more. 

Ideally, you'll start with a few of Dax's video blogs.  But, if you watch only one, watch this home movie that Dax made called "Christmas Carrols Dead!"  It's no Double Dream Hands, but it comes close in production values.  I don't know if my favorite part is the piano music, the special effects, or just the blazer tucked into jean shorts.  But I do know that if I like action, thrills, and drama, oh boy did I come to the right place:


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Sean thinks he's fake - I'm sure he's real.



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