Who is Arcade Fire?

Short Answer: a Canadian indie rock band who’s latest release, The Suburbs, beat out Eminem and Gaga for the 2011 Grammy for Album of the Year.  I adore this band, even if the lead singer does look like a serial killer, and it’s wonderful to see them get any kind of popular exposure and recognition.  However, beating the Biebs to a Grammy is something the tweens won’t tolerate, so Arcade Fire’s underdog win prompted a lot of confusion, death threats, and of course, hilarity.

This is best chronicled on a Tumblr site called “Who is Arcade Fire,” which compiles some of the most misguided tweets about the band’s win.  The masses were so baffled and irate, though, that eventually indie fans had to come forward and defend one of their own.  Please check out the Tumblr. And please, please figure out, in your own personal way, who Arcade Fire is, because if you don't, the hipsters will attack you:

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February 24, 2011 at 1:17 PM delete

Your posts remind me of NPR broadcasts in that your posts in-depthly discuss an interesting piece of trivia that is not readily available or discussed in the media as far as I know, such as the Jeopardy question. I bet this was a Final Jeopardy question or an 1000 point/dollar question. Wait, it was definitely not a Final Jeopardy question.


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