Is the Prescription More Cowbell?

Ben Sheehan's got a fever. 

If you're  a regular reader, you might remember my friend Ben Sheehan's other videos from the blog, like,"Global Warming's Good for You," "I'll Be Watching You (Miss You Coco)," and "Christine!" (about Christine O'Donnell -- you've got to scroll down through all my libertarian ranting to get to his parody).  Ben's latest, "Bieber Fever," has been making the internet rounds, and I wanted to put it up here so that I could milk some traffic out of his rising fame support a good friend in his artistic ventures.  Enjoy:

As I was putting this up, I realized I missed posting a quality piece of Sheehan gelt (don't let the name fool you; he's totally a Jew): "Israel and Palestine."  So enjoy everyone! (And Ben, you can thank me with some gelt later.)

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If it weren't for the kippah I wouldn't be able to tell them apart!


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