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On June 11th of last year, I posted my favorite selections from a brilliant Empire magazine photo shoot where actors reprised their most memorable roles for some stylized photos.  So, on June 11th one year later, I thought I'd continue this theme and share some really fabulous behind the scenes photos from some of my favorite films.  This selection of films, taken in their totality, is a scarily accurate representation of my entire taste in movies.  (And I wrote comments and stuff so this post is not a total cop-out.)

Dustin Hoffman demonstrating how not to talk to a Nazi (Sir Laurence Olivier) in Marathon Man, 1976.

Jack Nicholson, probably about to murder Stanley Kubrick in The Shining, 1980
"Mein director! I can walk!" Peter Sellers and a much younger Kubrick in Dr. Strangelove, 1964
The world's whitest dude meets the world's blackest dude.  Philip Seymour Hoffman, Spike Lee, and Edward Norton in The 25th Hour, 2002.
Francis Ford Coppola, probably reading aloud the entire novel of Heart of Darkness to Marlon Brando, Apocalypse Now, 1979.
Robert Zemeckis, looking like the villain from Better Off Dead, chills with Michael J. Fox, Back to the Future, 1985.

The deleted scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones meets his lost twin brother (middle back).

They finally convinced Mel the megaphone was anachronistic, Braveheart, 1995.

Old school paparazzi were way less effective with their giant cameras, Casablanca, 1942.
John Hughes ignores Cameron, too, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, 1986.
John Hughes proving he'll talk to anyone but Cameron, with Ally Sheedy and Emilio Estevez, The Breakfast Club, 1985.

Quentin Tarantino dropped the "n-bomb" one too many times, Kill Bill Vol. 1, 2003.
I know I'm doubling up on Indy photos, but I love this photo so much because of Spielberg's E.T. hat.
A photo that makes you think Michael Hayden Church is totally his character in real life, Sideways, 2004.
"Ann, I think there's someone else in the room." Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft, and Mike Nichols in The Graduate, 1967. (For more of these fabulous photos, see Vanity Fair's slideshow.)

Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis, proving that three names aren't just for political assassins, There Will Be Blood, 2007.
Just the most badass shot ever: James Caan getting shot up in The Godfather, 1972.
The hottest photo of all time: Paul Newman and Robert Redford play ping pong in tiny shorts on the set of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 1969. Stay tuned for more on Newman/Redford on the blog in the coming weeks.
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