"30 Rock" Halloween

Tonight I was watching a re-run of 30 Rock's fourth season Halloween special.  This happens to be a very special episode, not just because Halloween is my personal High Holy Day, but because in it, Jack and Liz travel to Stone Mountain, Georgia, which is like right next to where I live, y'all.

First, this episode contains one of my very favorite exchanges between Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy of the whole series.  In it, they're looking for a new comic for their SNL-like NBC sketch comedy show:
Liz: I saw a few good alternative comics in San Francisco.
Jack: San Francisco? I asked you to find an actor from middle America; a real person. You're not going to find him in the People's Gay-Public of Drug-ifornia.
Liz: Jeez, relax! I'm also setting up auditions in Toronto -- 
Jack: Canada? Why not just got to Iraq? The television audience doesn't want your elitist, east-coast, alternative, intellectual, left-wing -- 
Liz: Jack, just say "Jewish," this is taking forever!
But that little anti-Semitic, homophobic bit of genius can't redeem the offense that the remainder of the episode caused me.  30 Rock portrays Stone Mountain as this redneck hick-topia full of Kenneth Parcel clones, when in fact Stone Mountain is a metropolitan Atlanta suburb!  For those of you who aren't from these parts, Stone Mountain is actually a very civilized city.  Despite its eponymous granite landmark carved with a memorial to the Confederate States of America, and its famous summer laser-and-fireworks show that culminates in "Proud to Be an American" sung by an animated Robert E. Lee and a stars-and-stripes cowboy boot, it's really very cosmopolitan.  I promise.

By day: Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis
Stone Mountain at night, right after The Devil Went Down to Georgia.
I just don't see where the elitist 30 Rock New Yorkers get off perpetuating such groundless stereotypes.

Go home to your fancy "subway," New Yorkers!!
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