Flicky Friday (ft. Walking Dead)

AMC's groundbreaking show "The Walking Dead" premieres this Sunday at 9pm.  Get in the mood with AMC's "Ten Ways to Get Ready," read my reviews, and watch the Season 2 trailer, below.

I'm a little sad that the trailer hints that the cast might be leaving Atlanta; it's been awesome seeing my city infested by zombies, and there's no better approach to zombie-preparedness than visualizing the attack in your own neighborhood. (Atlanta's Center for Disease Control agrees with me: they published this zombie survival guide that was so popular it crashed their website.)


Addendum: it's too bad it's not Tuesday, because there is a great See You Next Tuesday moment I just found out about. Apparently Bing, the annoying Microsoft search engine, was desperate for some product placement that would reach Walking Dead’s coveted young audience. The New York Times reports,
 “We pitched them last year where maybe the characters could find a library with a generator and do a Bing search,” said Sean Carver, a marketing director at Bing, who acknowledged the scene was a stretch.
AMC’s advertising department gently (and presumably, slowly) explained, “The thing is that it’s a post-apocalyptic zombie concept, where all power grids have been destroyed. . . So people aren’t using their computers or phones in the show.”
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i am so happy this is coming...
alison you rock.


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