Flicky Friday (ft. Rick Perry)

Rick Perry was poised to be a cable news laughingstock after his embarrassing gaffe in Wednesday night's Republican debate.  Critics and pundits have attacked Perry's debate skills since the beginning, perhaps because they recognize the Republican nominee will need strong oratorical skills to beat smooth-spoken Obama in the general election; perhaps because they're busybody vultures circling the Republican ticket looking to feast on a good kill.  Either way, Perry's inability to name the third of three government departments he would eliminate as President looked, on Thursday morning, to be an irrecoverable blunder sure to haunt him for months.

However, Perry's YouTube-famous mix-up turned into something else entirely: an opportunity for Perry to make fun of himself, show a lighter side, and do so much damage control that he actually may come out the better for his blooper.  Not only did Perry hit the Thursday morning shows, the lunch shows, and the evening shows, but he even appealed to the late-night audience with a stint on Letterman that frankly, was really funny.  I don't know what this whole situation will mean for Perry's campaign in the long run, but his conduct was an amazing lesson in embracing your mistakes, addressing your critics head-on, and turning bad publicity into good with a whole lot of self-deprecation and good humor.   Perry's Letterman performance may have been the most I've ever liked him.  So, for today's Flicky Friday, I bring you:

 The Top 10 Rick Perry Excuses for not remembering which three federal agencies he would eliminate: 

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