Twilight Fan or Wall Street Occupier?

Exactly one year ago to the day, I made up a game called "Indie Band Frontman or Serial Killer" on the blog.  We all played and laughed and agreed that Ben Bridwell from "Band of Horses" looks like he has body parts in his fridge and makes his lamp shades out of human skin. 

In the spirit of Friday distractions, social judgment, and snarky quizzes, today I decided to bring you a new game in a similar vein.  Please enjoy today's feature in honor of the Breaking Dawn premiere:

Twilight Fan or Wall Street Occupier?!?!: 
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1. These girls are surprisingly NOT going gaga over the prospect of a Pattinson sighting, but seem to be pretty upset that their Obama fliers are on the ground.  Geeze, girls, it's not like you're impregnated by a vampire or something serious.

2. This guy is tortured to his soul about our growing debt to China...oh wait, no, it's about vampires. Total Twihard.

3. "I will believe that vampires are people when I have a vampire baby?"  Nope!  This Occupier's sign reads "I will believe that corporations are companies when Texas Georgia executes one!"  Guess she has a different definition of "blood lust!"

4. Sleeping in tents for days, dirty and cold but passionate about what you believe in? Yup, that perfectly describes the Twihards camping out for the "Breaking Dawn" premiere!

5. "It's okay, Robert Pattinson can love you, too," soothes one Twihard to another?  NOPE! These ladies are occupiers, and one of them probably just watched her unemployed boyfriend get arrested!

6.Does her sign say "Bite me Edward" or "Bail Out Students?"  Oh, it's the latter. This is a tweeny, pink-haired Occupier!

7. Tent city of...Twihards! These girls are serious about voicing their opposition to werewolves and well-written literature!  Unlike their protagonist, this protest never dies!

8. Okay this was kind of a freebie. Obviously this girl is distraught over her love for Edward, not the current economic crisis, pending election, national debt debacle, or class warfare stalemate!

9. "I like freedom more than money?" "I like Greenspan more than Bernanke?" "I like Fannie more than Freddie, just 'cause?" Nah, her shirt really reads "I like Jacob more than Edward." (Okay, it actually may read, "I liked Edward more than Jacob," I blurred it out and now I can't remember and also don't care at all.)

10. Tuckered out from a hard day of vampire-loving.

11. I just wanted all of you to see this. This is an old Obama-loving hippie at Occupy Wall Street who is probably very cold.
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November 18, 2011 at 12:28 PM delete

Excellent good fun. I approve.

November 18, 2011 at 1:18 PM delete

Most brilliant blog meme ever.

November 18, 2011 at 3:53 PM delete

HAH! You do realize that the girls in that first photo had just gotten maced by the police?

Funny if you didn't, darkly funny if you did.


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