Flicky Friday (ft. Ricky Gervais on The Daily Show)

I've been waiting to post this week's Flicky Friday since Tuesday because it is so insanely awesome that none of you want to continue living your life without seeing it. On Valentine's Day, Ricky Gervais went on "The Daily Show" to promote his upcoming HBO Show, "Life's Too Short."  But they never really got around to the show, because instead Gervais and Jon Stewart graphically discussed the subject of panda mating, including panda porn, panda masturbation, and inter-species sex (spoiler: the other species is a raccoon.)

Now, if you'll remember back a little while, I once talked about The Animal Review, a hilarious website-turned-coffee-table-book-turned-NPR-guest that ranks and grades various animals.  (It's hard to describe the Review in a way that does justice to how funny a subjective animal report card is, but it really works.)  The Animal Review's hilarious, scathing review of the panda awarded the animal a full "F" grade largely due to their inexplicable celibacy.  This is Gervais' complaint, too, that pandas aren't "meeting us halfway" in the fight against their own extinction.  But where Gervais goes with it, and where Stewart lets him go with it, and then where Stewart goes with it -- well, let's just say it includes the words "big wobbly spunk bomb."

God, I hope someone finds my blog today searching "spunk bomb."
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The internet is awash with mixed reactions to this interview.  Comedy Central Insider wrote that Gervais and Stewart "turned up the heat" and "don't be surprised if there's a sudden spike in the birthrate nine months from yesterday."  Entertainment blog Zap2it raved, "Nothing is funnier than comedians just riffing and trying to make each other laugh and one-up each other.  This segment made us laugh so hard we were crying. It's amazing."  NY Daily News said the interview may "cross the line even for Comedy Central," but was "hilarious."   But one thing's for sure: Rick Santorum, if he saw it, absolutely does not approve.

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February 17, 2012 at 10:42 AM delete

From all of us who don't have cable: thank you for sharing this with us.

February 17, 2012 at 7:14 PM delete

Nothing like a good panda/raccoon rape joke on a Friday.


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