Who is Bonny Bear?

Last year, Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs" took home Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards and prompted an outpouring of uninformed Twitter-vomit asking "Who is Arcade Fire?"  This year, amid the shoe-ins and sweeps by Adele, Dave Grohl, and Kanye, awards for "Best Alternative Album" and "Best New Artist" went to a not-so-new artist named Bon Iver.  (Bon Iver's lead singer Justin Vernon was openly conflicted about the awards and his band's very presence at an awards show; the band refused to perform at the Grammys because it would require collaboration with more "compromised" artists.)

But, more important than Bon Iver's self-righteousness is the self-righteousness of all the frivolous, oblivious, mainstream music fans who decried "Bonny Bear's" award as unjustified.  (Would seven statutes for Adele have killed you, Grammys???)  As with Arcade Fire's indie win last year, 2012 Grammy fans were outraged that a band they'd never heard of could possibly win an award, and they spewed this outrage all over the internet without ever bothering to Google "Bon Iver" or, apparently, even read the words clearly written on the bottom of their television screen.  (One assumes these music fans were so blinded by rage upon hearing the announcement they couldn't be bothered to read and instead had to immediately and angrily update their Facebook statuses based only on the sounds of Tony Bennett's voice and keyboard-letter memory; or that they can't read at all and Siri dictated their foreign-sounding tweets as best she could.  Either way.)

Regardless, there is already a delightful, depressing Tumblr site devoted to the greater internet's ignorant wrath called "Who is Bon Iver?" that will make you laugh in that really sad, deeply disturbed way that Lamebook and Teen Mom and Kim Kardashisan posing as Elizabeth Taylor make you laugh.  And then cry.  And then laugh all over again.

Congratulations, Bonny Bear? You earned it?

Update: Brain explosion.  This is not even remotely funny:  Who is Paul McCartney?
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My favesky: http://who-is-bon-iver.tumblr.com/post/17534095226/guys-allyson-has-a-great-point-here-why-didnt


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