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The satellite reception in my condo went out last night because of a storm (I know, who has satellite anymore, right? People who get it for free in their damn condo, that's who.), so I missed the last 15 minutes of "Mad Men" and can't write a review today.  Please, please don't ruin the surprise for me if in the final moments someone pushed Pete Campbell down that empty elevator shaft (fingers crossed!). 

When the power came back on, I watched the re-broadcast of the Comedy Awards, aka "Comedy Central Presents Louis C.K." And while it's always great fun to see awesome people hanging out together (nod to Diego for the link), the two best moments of the night came unsurprisingly from the cast of Bridesmaids, whom I assume you guys want to sleep with as much as I do.

First, co-writers Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo accepted their award for Best Comedy Screenplay: 

Second, and surprisingly sexier, was Paul Feig's acceptance of Best Director via surrogate actor Will Arnett:

Feig's unprecedented awesomeness comes as no surprise to those who know him: in addition to directing Bridesmaids, he created "Freaks and Geeks," and has directed episodes of every show I love from "Arrested Development" to "The Office" to "30 Rock" to -- you guessed it --  "Mad Men."  Yes, yes, we've come full circle.  So,  I think what we're all thinking now is: what had everybody else planned to do if they'd won, and how do we get to see that?
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Paul Feig on a web series I like!


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