WTF Wednesday: Two and a Half Men

It's never been any secret how much I hate Two and a Half Men.  I hate it SO much.  If given one rooftop and one phrase to shout from it -- well it would probably first be "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore," because I'm a nerd/snob -- but if I had one rooftop and TWO phrases to shout from it, I would definitely say "TWO AND A HALF MEN IS THE HEARKENING OF THE APOCALYPSE!"

I've posted publicly about hating Two and Half Men a few times, including the day I learned whom the primary demographic target of Two and a Half Men really is.  In fact, the only statements I've ever made about Two and a Half Men publicly or privately are derogatory, mocking, and just plain mean.  So why, then, did this happen:

That's right! "2&A Half Men News" is FOLLOWING me on Twitter. What? I think this newest development proves beyond a doubt that 2 & A Half Men's Twitter account is run by the same person who watches it in my gym.

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