WTF Wednesday: Jillian Michaels is Underwater

I have a love/hate relationship with Jillian Michaels -- some days I feel super motivated and proud of myself when I get my "30 Day Shred" on, some days I hope that one of her precariously-sports-bra'd boobs swings out and slaps her in the damn face if I have to do one more one-legged burpee.

On one of the days when I wasn't wishing Jillian Michaels would squat herself to death while I forced her to use increasingly heavy hand-weights, I found a new DVD of hers at Target.  I do her "30 Day Shred" and her "Yoga Meltdown" (hint: the only thing "yoga" about that video is that you do it barefoot), some others with varying degrees of success and loathing, so I thought I might try her "Kickbox FastFix" because I look super sexy doing donkey kicks (hint: it's more fun if you yell "Don't Rape Me!" while you donkey-kick in your living room). 

So I picked up the DVD box, and was really confused:

Is Jillian Michaels underwater in this picture?  Is that a shipwreck behind her?  Is she kick-box scuba diving?  Is she going to pivot-kick some 15th century Spanish mariner's relics? Does she have to roundhouse-kick sea creatures in order to return to the surface?  DO I HAVE TO DO THIS WORKOUT HOLDING MY BREATH?

I mean, what IS this?  Who came up with that background?  For a kickboxing DVD, the most decidedly NOT underwater workout ever?  At least go with something classic like the 90's ubiquitous laser background from every elementary school photo:

If it was good enough for Jane Fonda, it should be good enough for Jillian. (You can check out more of these at We Have Lasers!!!!!)

Or even the excellent Microsoft Windows 3.1 Screensaver background would've been a superior choice:

Well, I'm off to go swimming with Jillian.  Cross your fingers that one of her conspicuously loose boobs doesn't fall out while she's lunging.
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