Greatest Writer in the World

Move over Hemingway,  I've found the new greatest writer in the world.  The below story is so heavy-handed that I'm not entirely convinced it's not a joke, but if it's not...boy, oh, boy, I can't wait for this girl's book contract! I'm sure it will be as riveting as the intentionally misspelled tell-all book I Freinded You by Anthony Wiener-textee Traci Nobles.  And all signs point to this author being as successful as intellectual peer and almost certain inspiration, Stephanie Meyer.*   I can't compete with this, y'all.  Guess I'm going back to being a lawyer:

(Click it to enlarge.)
*Stephanie Meyer wrote the Twilight books. Don't worry I had to Google it, I swear!  Also I totally didn't find this Asking Jeeves if I was a good writer or anything.
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