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Ever since Rudy Giuliani revamped it in the 1990s, New York City has been a pioneer of safety for huge, dirty, bustling metropolises.  Now, some private citizens are taking it upon themselves to make their Borough a better place.  I bring you the Hipster Trap:

This one has a pack of American Spirits, a Holga camera, some wacky Wayfarers, a yellow bicycle chain, and the ubiquitous can of PBR.  (This is where my husband starts to bemoan PBR's unfairly heisted reputation as a hipster brand.  "When I was in college, it was just a good, cheap beer! Anyone could drink it.  Also you could wear plaid shirts and not be a douche." I can hear him saying it now.)

Two gents named Jeff Greenspan and Hunter Fine have set these traps in various places around the city.  According to Jeff's website,
"Urban Traps is a project where Hunter Fine and I lay traps for different subcultures in hopes of protecting neighborhoods from infestation and to collect different species for further study." 
(The pair was previously responsible for installing "Tourist Lanes" on New York City sidewalks last year as a project with the group Improv Everywhere.) Get more info on the traps here

Poor hipsters can't get a break these days, what with the "Don't Feed the Hipster" signs that proliferated last year (pro: not feeding them is how they fit into their skinny jeans), and now these totally tempting bear traps full of hipster-perfect goodies.  One flaw in the design might be the sheer size of the trap: surely if it snapped shut on any true hipster's leg, he would be skinny enough to just lift his tiny, delicate ankle out without harm.  Oh, but his Converse would still be stuck inside!  Perhaps that's how Greenspan and Fine have found most of their victims - unharmed  but unwilling to abandon their shoes, desperately Instagramming photos of their bear-trapped sneakers until they're finally caught?

The other potential risk is that the conspicuously hip-less hipster might be able to squeeze themselves into this bear trap and walk away wearing it as a kitchy belt.  Bye bye, mustache belt buckle!

Another variation on the bait: this one has hair products!
The final obstacle to catching genuine specimens with this trap is the great Catch-22 of hipsterdom:  as Kayla Webley for Time Magazine pointed out, "the joke is on the hunters. Any hipster worth their salt would have heard about the trap long before it was set."
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dammit, thank the maker i was made in the 80's and it's silly big hair and rubber-band jewelry...

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