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I love a good Podcast, but sometimes I don't know where to start: these days you can hardly turn on NPR without hearing teasers for a dozen of 'em.  Sometimes it feels like the whole word is just one big Portland garage of indie celeb interviews, niche comedy sketches, and over-stylized science minutes. Luckily for us, a friend of mine, burgeoning comedian, and podcast connoisseur has agreed to be The Boomstick's official guide to the world of Podcasts.  Today I bring you Diego's first recommendation, and a new guest blog:

Diego's Podcast Corner:
"Comedy Bang Bang"

Greetings and salutations my fellow “Boomstickers!"

I feel as if I should begin this guest post by giving a quick background about myself and an explanation as to why perhaps you are hopefully reading my words. My name is Diego. I am 30 years old. And I’m an addict. No, I’m not addicted to drugs, gambling, food or anything “sexy” like that; it’s something much sadder I’m afraid. My addiction is to the entertainment/information wave of the future known as podcasts. Podcasts have become an integral and major part of my life, and it is because of this addiction that I have been asked to share some of my favorite podcasts with you in the hopes of perhaps introducing you to yet another form of media to consume.

Podcasts are everywhere and surely there is one that covers any and every subject matter you might be able to imagine; there's literally something for everyone. Because of this, they've taken over much of my waking life,  replaced my terrestrial radio, and reduced my music consumption (to a degree). Now, I must also preface all by saying that I am an improviser, wannabe standup comic, and lifelong comedy nerd, meaning podcasts relating to the world of comedy are my main cup of tea. But, I will do my best to mix it up and share a wide variety of podcasts I think are great and -- most importantly -- free.

For my first recommendation, however, I'll stick to what I know best and suggest my all time favorite podcast that I've listened to for years. For my money, Comedy Bang Bang is the funniest and most consistent podcast on the internet. Starting out initially in 2009 as Comedy Death-Ray Radio, the show is the cornerstone of the Earwolf podcasting network (home to many other podcasts, which I will hopefully be able to write about in the future.)  Scott Aukerman (comedian and writer for the legendary 1990's HBO series "Mr. Show with Bob and David", starring David Cross ["Arrested Development"] and Bob Odenkirk ["Breaking Bad"]) hosts this weekly podcast, where he invites other comedians, TV stars, movie stars, and musicians to come on and chat as themselves or as characters of their choosing/creation.  Guests have included John Hamm, Sarah Silverman, Paul F. Tompkins, Amy Poehler, Nick Kroll, Jessica St. Clair, Adam Scott, Gillian Jacobs, and many others.

The show is a mix of free-flowing conversation with the guests, improvised riffs, songs and games like “Free Style Rap Battle”, or “Would You Rather."  (The latter is a regularly played game on the show where the guests are given two absurd scenarios they have to ask questions about in order to gain the proper information to cast their vote and try to win the game. Scenarios in the past have included, “Would you rather live in a port-a potty at a music festival, or have your entire body be made out of delicious cheesecake?” Ponder over that for a minute.)

The show has gained such popularity that it has also become a TV show on IFC. Season 2 of the Comedy Bang TV show is set to premier in the Summer of 2013; Season 1 was just added to Netflix streaming, so you guys can catch up in time.  The TV show is great, but obviously limited compared to the podcast in terms of censoring certain discussions and jokes.

You can download Comedy Bang Bang directly from the Earwolf site, you can subscribeon iTunes where all 200+ episodes are available for free download. A new episode of Comedy Bang Bang is released every Monday morning, and sometimes a second episode is released on Thursdays as well.

I highly encourage you to check out Comedy Bang Bang and jump aboard the “bang wagon” with me as it continues to grow and gain notoriety. It's already been touted as one of the best podcasts by Rolling Stone, the A.V. Club, and GQ, to name-drop just a few. If you aren’t well-versed in the comedy scene, I'd suggest picking an episode that has a guest you do know and start there. Of course, you can always pick a random one or just start at the beginning -- you can't lose because they're all great. And unlike Reading Rainbow, please DO take my word for it.
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Really love the comedy bang bang if I remember it right I think I've seen it featured here on this site iPodder Podcast


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