Flicky Friday (ft. American Psycho and Huey Lewis)

If there are two things I love, it's the 1980s and satire.  If there are three things I love, it's the '80s, satire, and Christian Bale.  And if there are four things I love, it's the '80s, satire, Christian Bale, and riding coattails of my well-connected friends.

It should come as no surprise, then, that this amazing parody video of one of my favorite satirical '80s Christian Bale films of all time (American Psycho) starring a quintessential '80s musician (Huey Lewis) produced by my Funny-or-Die-front-page friend (Ben Sheehan) made me extraordinarily, embarrassingly, over-the-moon happy.  Because the fifth thing* I like is really pointed, gory, Tarantino-y violence in movies. So basically this whole thing is just a video suggested by an algorithm of things I like.  Okay I get it, Ben, you really want to be on the Boomstick. Enjoy:

If you like that, check out more of my musings on American Psycho  and how it could've been a Tarantino vehicle.  And check out more of Ben's videos on Funny or Die, or here on the blog.

*I also really like food.
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