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A few months ago, I wrote an Oscar night post about Anne Hathaway and her detractors (who go by the catchy moniker, "Hathahaters," poor girl). And I wasn't the only one. For a time there, lots of legitimate writers and media outlets were discussing America's sudden, widespread, collective souring on Anne.  Interestingly, though, few of the writers piled on to the disdain train; instead, the commentary tended to circle back to an analysis of "why" we all suddenly find the ex-Disney princess so, so annoying.  No one could point -- really point -- to anything that she had done wrong, or even done differently to garner so much hatred this year.  In fact, it seemed like she'd followed the recipe to do everything right: acted beautifully in role that made her look ugly and made her stretch her talents in a classic, much-lauded staple of international theater and literature. But it was almost like she acted too right, was too perfect; it was too much and suddenly we all hated her for it.

Well, I don't know how other than perhaps my doppleganger status and the fact that it was Friday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend and the pickins for interviewees were slim, but a few weeks ago I got a call from a reporter from Chinese Newsweek who'd read this blog (I'm as shocked as you are) and wanted to discuss Anne.  Since I love to hear myself talk and I figured that China was a fine place to start getting super famous, I agreed to chat with her for the story.

What we discussed was way deeper than what I had written about: a complex conversation about American culture and its sort of fundamental, blue-collar values and how we cyclically engage in some pedestal-shaking and dethroning of the too-privileged and too-perfect.  We don't like people who have it too easy or have their noses too far up in the air or are too manicured and practiced.  It's part of the reason why we didn't elect Mitt Romney; it's entirely the reason we like burger-eating, shot-taking, stage-tripping, f-bomb-dropping Jennifer Lawrence so much better than polite, polished, vegan Anne. We mythologize the rags-to-riches, up-by-the-bootstraps stories; we like Eliza Doolittles and blue jeans and baseball. We, as a stereotype, reject class and privilege; our history is not Downton Abbey; it's revolutionaries and John Wayne and coal mining and Bud Heavy. AmIright, 'Merica?

This concept is unfathomable to a post-communist China, where individual wealth and beauty and perfection are things to be proud of and bragged about.  So readers in China absolutely cannot understand why we're so annoyed with Anne; she epitomizes everything a movie star is supposed to be.  How can anyone hate her because she's perfect?

I was really flattered to be contacted to discuss this and really enjoyed thinking about how our turning on Anne Hathaway was informed by our greater cultural predispositions.  I couldn't wait to read the article and see how this intelligent, professional writer synthesized all of it.  And also to see my name in lights, y'all!  China famous!!! So it came out this week and the author sent it to me.

But it's in Chinese.

But I wanted to read it.  So, I decided to put the webpage through Google translator.  And I'm really, really certain that what came out the other end is not at all what is being read by the good people of China.  But, the mistranslation is pretty hysterical, so I thought I would share it with you guys.  I'm copying it here in full, but I'm going to put it after a jump so it doesn't take up the whole page of the blog.  Please click the link to read more, because I think your sides will hurt from laughing.  Here's your teaser:

Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer Carly (Alison) considered a big fan of Anne Hathaway, she has been closely tracking the new division of the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for success every step, she was not a fanatical groupies, and because to some extent, she and Hathaway is like a person.

Also, "Hathahaters" is inexplicably translated as "Boredom family of the sea."  So, there's that. 

Perfect is a sin: beautiful star Why annoying?

 In the Google website into the "Anne Hathaway" and "hate" to search, you can draw 1.5 million results. "American mainstream culture for a long time is respected perfect, but in the last decade seems to have a counter-movement is more perfect play pang, before we worship white Formica and high rich handsome, but now people want to own these qualities hide , has become popular for a hug incomplete. "

Inexplicable hate Hathaway
Perhaps Hathaway's encounter was not her personal life in the accident, but some of the attributes of American culture created out of necessity, an anti-perfect motion is intensified.

Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer Carly (Alison) considered a big fan of Anne Hathaway, she has been closely tracking the new division of the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for success every step, she was not a fanatical groupies, and because to some extent, she and Hathaway is like a person.
There is often a stranger on the street to tell her looked like Hathaway, Hathaway higher the visibility, this happens more often, every Carly must explain to the people: "Thank you for your compliment, but I'm not Hathaway. "
But now is perhaps not as full of praise Hathaway. Nearly a year's time, Hathaway became a target for online, it seems everyone is talking about this a fresh and beautiful girl with short hair how annoying.

Perfect image being tired?
"Daily Beast" website in January in an article that the Google website into the "Anne Hathaway" and "hate" to search, the results can be drawn 1.5 million, into the "Anne Sea Sewei "and" hate "to search, can be drawn 28,500,000 results. March, "San Francisco Chronicle" blog site "San Francisco Gate" readers put Hathaway as the most annoying celebrity in 2013. This wave even spawned a new term "Boredom family of the sea" (Hathahaters), great cliques topple Hathaway momentum.
Such hate hate even strange reason, some people say hate her big mouth and a mouthful of teeth exposed, some people say she mouthed speech as in performances, it was said when she received an Oscar pretending surprise very natural, some people say she claimed to eat Vegan ice cream, it seems to display superior. Yahoo Hathaway summed included ten counts, "she stupid" "overexposed" "Always smile revealing too much" and other strange words. Buzzfeed website summarizes these reasons and more straightforward in the phrase: "More, when in fact there is no real reason" to overturn the "no love, there is no reason to hate," the traditional concept, so people have to I believe sometimes love a man does not need a reason to hate a person.
Carly admits Hathaway's happening to her empathy, like her because she has a mouthful of teeth and smile, as in his speech like gesture, as eager recognized and appreciated by others. She also tried rational analysis "Boredom sea family" causes, but she eventually felt very confused. "It's really strange thing, they hate her because she is the reason the reason they like, but also let her fame those factors." Carly "China News Weekly" said.
Carly is not the only "Boredom sea family" confused people, in fact, many analysts believe the U.S. media invited to put forward their own views, but the analysis did not speak out to analyze to what they were. Some people think that this is just another example of blind obedience to the network, some people think that this is actually due to women demanding perfection, a psychologist told CNN in an interview even think that this comes from "in the economic recovery people prefer to see a round face movie star "special psychological.
But perhaps Hathaway's not her personal life suffered in the accident, but some of the attributes of American culture making it a necessity.
In fact, Hathaway is not always so "disgusting." Do not say that she had just debuted in "The Princess Diaries" in the shape of happiness and lovely Mia princess and later in "The Devil Wears Prada" in the shape of the image of self-sufficiency so she almost became the "glamorous", even if the five Hathaway then-boyfriend years ago due to financial fraud was arrested, she had to break up with him for her ushered overwhelming sympathy and encouragement. Only later her flourishing career, winning has become commonplace when the "Sea tired family" did not become climate.
"Hathaway is too successful, too happy, but forgot to make a gesture of humility before attracted so much hate." Research Institute of New York University professor Howard personalized Nick (Karen Hornick), "China News Weekly" said. Howe said Nick, aggressive American culture encourages people to express individuality, but "self-confident self-promotion is not equal everywhere, a lot of confident people but also appeared to be very low key." She equally successful actress Jennifer Lawrence, for example, Lawrence slovenly, but people feel kind of ordinary girl next door, and thus won widespread favor.
More importantly, in Hollywood, flawless good girl often unpopular. Has always been pure sweet image shows Amanda Bennis (Amanda Bynes) recently posted online suddenly his half-naked pictures, followed by another suspicions implicated in drug arrest. Last month, Reese Witherspoon (Reese Witherspoon) husband was arrested because of drunk driving, sitting in the copilot position she stormed the police shouting: "Do you know who I am?" One time to become media a hot topic. Many people think that these actresses are deliberately doing so to change their positive along too perfect image. Nick Howe said: "deliberately or not deliberately hard to say, but sometimes doing something 'bad' but it will also help the cause of it is true."

"Anti-perfect" pop paradox
But shares of the perfect wave of hate is not confined to Hollywood. Early May, the economic news website "economic circle Azeri" is mentioned in an article youth leisure clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch never sell XL clothing, since the company only welcome looks pretty cool guys cool shapely girl who in Its store shopping, the article also quoted company president Mike Jiefeiruisi (Mike Jeffries) when interviewed in 2006 said the words: "Every school has a cool and pleasant child, there are some not-so-cool kids, to be honest, our goal is to those cool kids and our clothes are for those beautiful, spiritual, children have a lot of friends to build, a lot of people do not belong to this range, there is no way. "
This passage then nobody pay attention to, and now again being dug out has caused an uproar. Many people in the online Abercrombie & Fitch boycott movement, Los Angeles writer Greg Carbonell (Greg Karber) even went to the acquisition of this brand of thrift store clothes, put them to the street homeless. He recorded this process down on the Internet, has over 7 million hits, Carbonell joined the audience in the video call, make concerted efforts to fight the Abercrombie & Fitch, "the world's first tramp brand."
At the same time, H & M and other brands, but then have launched XL clothing for themselves to build an inclusive civilians approachable image. Some high-end brands have specially designed low-hippie looks shabby clothing line, although the price is in fact still staggering, but meet some rich customer occult Haohua background, were removed from the marketplace hobby.
In the political sphere, this wave also left a significant imprint. Last year's presidential campaign, Republican candidate Mitt Romney was awarded a silver gold spoon born aristocrat, do not understand the sufferings of the people, which became his humble origins eventually lost to Democrat Barack Obama an important reason. Now under way in New York City mayoral election, the candidates have flocked to the media show their past spiritual ashes, whether it is a rebellious teenage alcoholism anorexia, or to strangers nude narcissistic, we make every effort to show itself as a candidate ordinary people, and all the emotions experienced by the same man in the street struggle. "This is a common practice in the campaign because of a fall after Youpaqilai people than people are more likely to get smooth support and sympathy." New York political analyst George Diaz (George Arzt) said.
Carly also noted that "anti-perfect" trend. "American mainstream culture for a long time is respected perfect, but in the last decade seems to have a counter-movement is more perfect play pang, before we Chongbai white Formica and high rich handsome, but now people want to own these qualities hide , hugging Canque has become a popular style. "she said.
Nick Howe at New York University that "anti-perfect" in the United States is actually not new, but deeply rooted in the country's traditional culture. In classic American literature, for example, in "The Great Gatsby", the Gatsby humble origin, the means to gain wealth can only say that is opportunistic, even a breach of the law, but he has to persistence of love has won the hearts of generations of readers. Hawthorne's short story "Birthmark" is a more direct example, the heroine America, almost flawless, but his face has a birthmark. Her husband helped her remove the piece of birthmark pains, but in the last heroine birthmarks fade after sadly died. "America is a Christian nation founded, while the Christian emphasis is on no one is perfect, is sin." Howe said Nick.
But in Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green State University) Associate Professor, Department of popular culture Montana Miller (Montana Miller) opinion, "anti-perfect" prevalent in today's American culture is just a representation, this sounds With revolutionary color righteous rhetoric philosophy, deep to the fact that Americans are greatly inflated ego.
Miller told the "China News Weekly", the Americans now "too perfect" celebrities are very objectionable, especially those who easily won the beauty and wealth of the actress. Just look at this phenomenon, people will not understand why so many Americans are willing to spend so much energy to pay attention to those "in fact did not do anything wrong, but you will feel especially close look at them very annoying," the actress. However, if the "Boredom sea Clan" and Abercrombie & Fitch CEO remarks repercussions combination of view can be found in the secret.
Miller said that by the end of 2010, Abercrombie & Fitch in Bangladesh factory fire, burned 28 workers, when the Americans seem to feel irrelevant, continue fanatical pursuit of the company's apparel. The company has also been improvement in the treatment of workers refused to sign the international security plan, until recently president of the outspoken stir up trouble, only hastened the planned book signed, apparently hoping to fire, improve the look of a negative image.
"These two things together shows the American culture is the emergence of a very disturbing paradox." Miller said. "On one hand, people do not like the perfect celebrity, they want to see the real world defective celebrities, so you can make them feel a little better on the other hand, they are unwilling to face reality, for their favorite clothing brand They do not care that it is not in the real world do to moral responsibility, but can not accept it to their stature flaws light. Ultimately these two things are reflected in U.S. consumer self-centered, selfish and arrogant side. "
"Boredom sea family", perhaps as Carly expected, will soon recede, one day into middle age Hathaway again boarded the Oscar podium, you may put this as a joke to tell those early forget this scene audience. But if Miller is right, this scene would not have ended, but do not know where the next hapless protagonist who would be.
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