Happy Halloween, Love Sharknado

You guys knew I liked Sharknado, but you probably thought I just "liked" it, like as a joke, good for a little bit of blog fodder and fun-making.  That must mean you guys don't know me at all, because my favorite pastimes are pretty much Halloween, pop-culture costumes, and taking things too seriously.  So I give you my absurd overreaction to ScyFy's best/worst made-for-TV experience: Sharknado.


That's me as a shark. And that's my awesome husband dressed as Ian (pronounced "EYE-an," because that's important to me) Ziering. Devotees will notice a glimpse of his actual "Fin's Restaurant" shirt, the name of the bar Ian Ziering runs in the movie. 


If you don't know what this is a reference to or why it's funny, check out my intro to Sharknado here.  If you do know what this is and think it's hilarious, listen to the excellent How Did This Get Made about it.

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