Flicky Friday: ft. Music-less David Bowie and Mick Jagger

Today is Friday the 13th, and so it warranted a really spooky, freaky, crazy stuff. And I dare you to find anything more utterly bizarre than this:

This guy does other "musicless music videos," but this one is definitely the best. Maybe because the original video is the weirdest/best/most amazing thing ever on its own:

See? It doesn't make that much more sense with the music. My favorite part is how the whole song is about convincing people to come dance in the street. . . but no one ever shows up. And if Mick Jagger and David Bowie can't mobilize some people to come dance, well, maybe they should've tried asking somewhere other than an abandoned rail yard. Or maybe they need louder pants.

My other favorite part is their pants.  And by that I mean Jagger's pants and Bowie's one-piece jumper.

My other favorite part is how this is like pretty much an 80s version of a Vine video where Bowie and Jagger were hanging out in their favorite abandoned crack house doing drugs and decided to record this video of them dancing. I am like 80% sure that there's no one operating the camera. I did this exact same thing with all my friends in my basement as a kid except with fewer drugs but with exactly the same dance moves.

But like, did they lose a bet?

My other favorite part is how the whole thing fades to white on an image of their butts.

(Related: this more in-depth analysis of the video here; my tribute to David Bowie on his birthday many years ago.)
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