WTF Wednesday: This Ugg Slipper

It's time for a new WTF Wednesday, the column where I take umbrage at something super bizarre but ultimately minor on the internet and write a fiery, offended post about it. WHAT COULD BE MORE FUN FOR YOU?

So I'm casually scrolling through Facebook the other day, and this thing appears on my Newsfeed:

AH! UGH! What IS that? Did someone crush one of Lisa Vanderpump's tiny dogs? Is this what's inside Bob Ross' shower drain? Did someone shave a Muppet's butt? Why does Facebook want me to buy this weird toupee?

NOPE. You guys, this is a $149.95 slipper made by comfort brand Ugg for sale at Nordstrom right now. (Hurry - it's on sale!) Because this page won't last forever, here's a screenshot of the "Fluff Momma" in all her glory:

I can't tell from which angle these slippers look their worst. Oh yes I can, it's this one:

The other colors of the slipper (pale peach and white) arguably achieve the Zsa Zsa Gabor effect that I think Ugg is going for. But the black? It just looks like someone made a purse out of Kris Jenner.

If these slippers don't scream "I shoved my foot into a Shih Tzu" enough for you, don't worry. For a mere $209.00 (reduced from $349.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Zappo's will sell you their "Mongolian" Fluff Momma Boot, which should be called the "Scottish" Fluff Momma Boot, because it is clearly just a headless Scottie dog:

Where's PETA when you NEEDA am I right? And in case you weren't satisfied yet, the beautiful, beautiful internet will also sell you a giant Ugg for your dog to sleep in:

Or tiny Uggs for your dog to wear:

So no matter what you want: Uggs for dogs, dogs made into Uggs, or just a nice house slipper made out of Cher's pubes, trust the internet to find it for you. WTF, Ugg? WTF, Nordstrom. WTF, Zappos?

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